For Travel Managers

Tripkicks is a simple add-on to your travel program that helps you reduce travel spend, improve policy compliance, and enhance traveler experience.

Achieve your program goals and enhance traveler experience

Tripkicks makes it simple to elevate your travel program with specific alignment to your priorities and goals. Setup is a snap, seamlessly integrating with your existing tech stack, and custom onboarding ensures adoption and success within your unique environment.

Reduce Travel Spend

Encourage your travelers to go above and beyond. Tripkicks budget algorithm calculates a dynamic spend goal for flights and lodging, and is displayed to travelers directly in your online booking tool. When travelers make decisions that save your company money, they share in the savings. Typically companies save between 10% – 15% with Tripkicks.

Improve Policy Compliance

Customized specifically to reinforce the goals and priorities of your travel & expense program. Tripkicks improves compliance to travel policies by encouraging travelers to go above and beyond. In order for travelers to earn rewards, they need to be in compliance with the requirements you set – including:

Preferred suppliers

Preferred payment

Timely submission of expense reports

Advanced booking requirements

Preferred booking channels

Tripkicks Rewards iMac

Enhance Traveler Experience

Travelers have full control and are motivated to spend less. When they make a decision to go above and beyond what’s required, they’re able to earn meaningful rewards. Tripkicks is a new perk and benefit to travelers that enhances their experience and elevates your program to be the best.

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